Steady Unfolding

“And now each moment turned into eternity, like a wild-fire that stretches into infinity.”

The Diurnal Course

“Memories tie us to chains that never existed. They bring a tear to our eyes, happy and sad. They leave us in gaze and starry thoughts. But, still, we can’t rub memories away. The sun will rise from the east the next day and will set in the west. But, it won’t be the same. The essence won’t be the same!”


On a gloomy day, he sits quietly under the bright radiant sun. Gazing at the lush green meadows, he discovers chroma and vividness amidst this blaring world. He was struck with wonder for he had never visualized looking at something with such precision. Well, what exactly was he looking at? Was it a splendid and exquisite scenery, or was it a lake filled with trouts? It was rather a garden ornamented with fancy ferns, and flowers rich in the color of coral and shades of lavender. One may ponder as to why he introspected so much? Exploring oneself through the intricacies of life is like a four-leaf clover, which has always been hard to trace. A garden isn’t just a picturesque image to behold, but the pictorial color it offers, detecting even the infinitesimal blossom helps us grow and develop from within. This inner-development and knowing ourselves of who we truly are is Self-introspection. Self-introspection helps us know our purpose, values, goals, and beliefs. But, it is something that comes at a cost which not all can fulfill. A day would come when it won’t be a case of “he/she” but rather a case of “you”. We are all tranquil and unagitated. We’ve all got the brushes of our lives in our hand, and what to paint on the canvas depends on us. And, that would come from learning and growing continuously, digging into blind spots, constant self-questioning, and listening to our innate gut feelings.

Stepping into the Horizon:

“The earth’s crust has not yet stopped heaving and plunging under our feet. Mountain ranges are still being thrust upon the horizon. Granites are still growing under the continental masses. Nor has the organic world ceased to produce new buds at the tips of its countless branches.”~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Discovering quiet trails is seemingly adventurous, yet it remains a challenge to most. It so may happen that your innate leadership reflexes won’t allow you to follow the obvious remarks set by the pacemakers. For instance, it’s not always mandatory to be a part of the herd. Walking along the lane, selecting the appropriate path, setting and achieving new goals is what all humans seek and thrive for. But, sometimes we are too afraid to incite the urge within ourself. Seldom we make our mind to not indulge ourselves into any such practices. The reason being the eminent hopes and aspirations of parents and the societal pressure. Somewhere along the way, we forget to be the person we all were supposed to be. With the passage of time we limit ourselves, we terminate to think out of the box, we become sluggish and we slowly creep our way out of the hurdles. As a consequence, it coerces us to be amongst those lethargic sloths whose moments are minimal. But, in spite of appearance, we all know that we have a beaver in us who could keep us intact and vigorous. So who are we putting an act for? There is always a flow of constant flux within us. Don’t be shy to wrangle with your own self. Don’t hesitate to be the lion among the sheep. Life is like a faucet and the water dripping out of it is like the opportunities mixed with the bitter impurities. Think of yourself as the cauldron and bask in those opportunities and as you’ll foray into the future you will leave behind those bitter parts and emerge to be a victorious person.